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Fresh faces set for QClash

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 11:  Touk Miller of the Suns gets a kick away during the JLT Community Series AFL match between the Gold Coast Suns and the Brisbane Lions at Fankhauser Reserve on March 11, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia.  (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Gold Coast SUNS veteran Jarrod Harbrow will stand alone as the King of the QClash after Sunday’s visit to the Gabba for the 15th Queensland football derby against the Brisbane Lions. 

Harbrow will play his 14th QClash, and will move one ahead of ex-Lions captain Tom Rockliff at the top of the QClash games leader board.

The only QClash the 29-year-old SUNS flyer has missed was Round 1 last year, when he played in the NEAFL following a delayed start to his campaign due to injury.

Next best among SUNS players on the list at 12 games is the injured Pearce Hanley, who is the only person among 149 QClash combatants to have played with both clubs in the Queensland derby.

The SUNS, hoping to improve on an aggregate 5-9 QClash record, including a 2-6 success-rate at the Gabba, are set to give four players their first taste of QClash football.

Heading this list is 2018 recruit Lachie Weller, who grew up on the Gold Coast watching matches between the two Queensland clubs, including QClash #2 and QClash #4 in which older brother Maverick played for the SUNS.

Aaron Young, Brayden Fiorini and Nick Holman are also set for their first QClash, along with coach Stuart Dew, who takes the reins after Dean Solomon, his 2018 senior assistant-coach, did the job in the last QClash last year.

It was the first of three games in which Solomon was in charge after Rodney Eade split with the club.

Subject to final selection, Brisbane are set to play six QClash debutants – Luke Hodge, Charlie Cameron, Cameron Rayner, Jacob Berry, Alex Witherden and Zac Bailey.

Hodge, who will be 33 years 312 days old on Sunday, will become the oldest player to play in a QClash, surpassing former Lions pair Ben Hudson and Simon Black. Both were 33 in their final match against the Suns in 2012.



Head to Head: Brisbane 9, Gold Coast 5
At the Gabba: Brisbane 6, Gold Coast 2.

Most Q-Clash Appearances: Jarrod Harbrow (GC) 13, Tom Rockliff (Bris) 13, Pearce Hanley (B/GC) 12, Dayne Zorko (B) 11, Tom Lynch (GC) 11, Steven May (GC) 11, Daniel Rich (B) 11, Matt Shaw (GC) 11, Jed Adcock (B) 10, Sam Day (GC) 10, Michael Rischitelli (GC) 10, Daniel Merrett (B) 10, Aaron Hall (GC) 10.

Most Q-Clash Goals: Tom Lynch (GC) 25, Dayne Zorko (B) 13, Harley Bennell (GC) 13, Tom Rockliff (B) 12, Daniel Rich (B) 11, Brandon Matera (GC) 11, Lewis Taylor (B) 9, Pearce Hanley (B/GC) 9, Jack Martin (GC) 9, Charlie Dixon (GC) 9, Alex Sexton (GC) 9.

Most Q-Clash Possessions: Tom Rockliff (Bris) 371, Pearce Hanley (B/GC) 315, Gary Ablett (GC) 253, Jarrod Harbrow (GC) 238, Dayne Zorko (B) 237, Jack Redden (B) 230, Daniel Rich (B) 211. Aaron Hall (GC) 209, Dion Prestia (GC) 207, Andrew Swallow (GC) 194, Michael Rischitetelli (GC) 176, Sam Mayes (B) 175, Jed Adcock (B) 175.

Highest Possession Average: Dayne Beams (B) 30.33, Simon Black (B) 30.25, Tom Rockliff (B) 28.54, Gary Ablett (GC) 28.11, Pearce Hanley (B/GC) 26.25, Allen Christensen (B) 26.00, Jack Redden (B) 25.56, Michael Barlow (GC) 24.00. Touk Miller (GC) 23.17, Dion Prestia (GC) 23.00.

Marcus Ashcroft Medalists: Gary Ablett (GC) 2, Pearce Hanley (B/GC) 2, Dayne Beams (B) 2, Jared Brennan (GC) 1, Simon Black (B) 1, Tom Rockliff (B) 1, Jonathan Brown (B) 1, Matthew Leuenberger (B) 1, Charlie Dixon (GC) 1, Tom Lynch (GC) 1, Touk Miller (GC) 1.

Most Q-Clash Brownlow Medal Votes: Pearce Hanley (B/GC) 10, Tom Rockliff (B) 9, Dayne Beams (B) 6,, Gary Ablett (GC) 6, Matthew Leuenberger (B) 5, Aaron Hall (GC) 5, Tom Lynch (GC) 4, Jared Brennan (GC) 4, Daniel Rich (B) 3, Charlie Dixon (GC) 3, Dayne Zorko (B) 3, Peter Wright (GC) 3.

Most Possessions in a Q-Clash: Tom Rockliff (B) 47, Pearce Hanley (B) 45, Gary Ablett (GC) 38, Gary Ablett (GC) 37. Tom Rockliff (B) 37, Jack Redden (B) 33, Dion Prestia (FC) 32, Dayne Zorko (B) 32, Tom Rockliff (B) 32, Dayne Beams (B) 32, Simon Black (B) 31, Harley Bennell (GC) 31, Dayne Beams (B) 31, Pearce Hanley (GC) 31, Dion Prestia (GC) 31, Jared Brennan (GC) 30 (twice), David Swallow (GC) 30, Pearce Hanley (B) 30.

Youngest Q-Clash Players: Harris Andrews (B) 18 years 142 days., James Aish (B) 18/148, David Swallow (GC) 18/169, Tom Lynch (GC) 18/188, Callum AhChee (GC) 18/190, Reuben William (B) 18/191, Jack Crisp (B) 18/202, Kade Kolodjashnij (GC) 18/239, Josh Schache (B) 18/239, Sam Day (GC) 18/243.

Oldest Q-Clash Players: Ben Hudson (B) 33 years 148 days, Simon Black (B) 33/111,, Gary Ablett (GC), 32/315, Jonathan Brown (B) 32/158, Nick Malceski (GC) 31/329, Luke Power (B) 31/218, Daniel Merrett (B) 31/210, Ash McGrath (B) 31/68, Stefan Martin (B) 30/268), Matt Rosa (GC) 30/262.

Q-Clash Coaches: Guy McKenna (GC) 8 games, Michael Voss (B) 6, Justin Leppitsch (B) 6, Rodney Eade (GC) 5, Chris Fagan (B) 2, Dean Solomon (GC) 1.