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SUNS looking to nuture grass roots footy

The Gold Coast SUNS are excited to launch “The Grass Roots Footy Segment” when SUNS TV returns to television screens across Queensland on Seven Mate in 2013.

The dedicated weekly Grass Roots Footy Segment is a chance for your footy club to promote special events and achievements, outstanding players, record scores, recruit new players or coaches, even birthdays,  EVERY WEEK on SUNS TV.

You can even use it to recruit new players or coaches because if it promotes AFL footy across Queensland we want to show it on the Grass Roots footy segment.

Simply email an image of your team, club or celebrated player to along with the following details and the SUNS TV team will feature as many as we can on the show every weekend.

  • Club Name
  • Club event
  • Date & Location
  • Player Name
  • Player achievement
  • Contact number

And the SUNS TV team will take care of the rest, all you have to do is tune in each weekend to see your Junior or Senior Club, team and players on SUNS TV’s brand new segment “Grass Roots Footy!”


Grass Roots Footy RD19

Grass Roots Footy for Round 19

August 1, 2013  3:54 PM

Grass Roots Footy RD19

3:54pm Aug 1, 2013

Grass Roots Footy RD18

10:35am Jul 27, 2013

Grass Roots Footy RD17

7:44pm Jul 19, 2013

Grass Roots Footy RD 16

1:50pm Jul 11, 2013

Grass Roots Footy RD15

4:09pm Jul 4, 2013

Grass Roots Footy RD:12

5:38pm Jun 12, 2013

Grass Roots Footy RD:10

5:36pm Jun 12, 2013

Grass Roots Footy Rd:03

5:33pm Jun 12, 2013

Grass Roots Footy RD:08

5:22pm Jun 12, 2013

Grass Roots Footy Rd:02

5:02pm Jun 12, 2013

Grass Roots Footy RD01

4:59pm Jun 12, 2013

Grass Roots Football Round 11

1:13pm Jun 7, 2013

Grass Roots Footy Rd:07

5:13pm May 12, 2013

Grass Roots Footy RND 4

1:49pm Apr 17, 2013

Grass Roots Footy RND 5

12:00am Apr 17, 2013

Grass Roots Footy Rd:06

5:05pm Apr 12, 2013