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Willis: It was a huge surprise

Mackenzie Willis had little expectations heading into Tuesday night’s Draft.

5:49pm  Nov 27, 2015

"It was probably the best day of my life"

Josh Schoenfeld’s life changed before his very eyes on Tuesday night.

5:23pm  Nov 27, 2015

An unforgettable night for Fiorini

Tuesday was a long day for Brayden Fiorini.

5:16pm  Nov 27, 2015


Women Of The SUNS Launch

CEO Travis Auld welcomes in the launch of Women Of The SUNS, a social group for the ladies that form the heart and soul of the Gold Coast SUNS.

December 14, 2012  10:36 AM

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SUNS TV: Josh Schoenfeld

4:13pm Nov 27, 2015

SUNS TV: Brayden Fiorini

4:06pm Nov 27, 2015

Going Places - Callum Ah Chee

11:06am Nov 26, 2015

SUNS TV: Callum Ah Chee Day 2

1:21pm Nov 25, 2015

2016 Pre-Season: Rehab Group

10:15am Nov 25, 2015

SUNS TV: Scott Clayton

9:37pm Nov 24, 2015

SUNS TV: Callum Ah Chee

8:18pm Nov 24, 2015

Pick 34: Josh Schoenfeld

8:12pm Nov 24, 2015

Pick 20: Brayden Fiorini

8:02pm Nov 24, 2015

Pick 8: Callum Ah Chee

7:57pm Nov 24, 2015

Draft Tales: Seb Tape

3:22pm Nov 24, 2015

Draft Tales: Rory Thompson

4:30pm Nov 23, 2015

Draft Trumps: Sam Weideman

8:26am Nov 23, 2015

Draft Trumps: Darcy Tucker

8:23am Nov 23, 2015