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A new look 2017 program for SUNS Academy

2017 represents an opportunity for the SUNS Academy to see how they measure up against other northern states programs.

10:59am  Jan 20, 2017

New year, new home for the SUNS

Gold Coast is just two weeks away from moving into its $22 million training and administration facility.

10:30am  Jan 20, 2017

Two Academy stars join AFL Academy for US Trip

Two SUNS Academy members will spend a week training in the US under the watchful eyes of Luke Power.

9:26am  Jan 20, 2017

Women Of The SUNS Launch

CEO Travis Auld welcomes in the launch of Women Of The SUNS, a social group for the ladies that form the heart and soul of the Gold Coast SUNS.

December 14, 2012  10:36 AM

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3:39pm Jan 19, 2017

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11:44am Jan 19, 2017

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9:22am Jan 11, 2017

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4:31pm Jan 10, 2017

2017 Pre-Season: Gym Session

4:01pm Jan 10, 2017

2017 Pre-Season: 2017 Begins

10:42am Jan 9, 2017

SUNS Master Chef: Ep 2

12:13pm Jan 4, 2017

SUNS Master Chef: Ep 1

12:27pm Jan 3, 2017

SUNS TV: Peter Wright

11:03am Dec 22, 2016