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Our People


Mark Evans - Chief Executive

Kimberley Beinke - Executive Assistant to CEO

Michael Mallinson - Chief Financial Officer

Matt Oberhardt - Assistant Accountant

Lisa Chan – Finance Manager

Heidi Kruger - Accounts Trainee

Mark Arnott - IT Manager

Brad Reid - GM - People & Organisation Development

Janessa Gillen - Human Resources Officer

Samantha Pitura Human Resources Officer



Simon Fitzgibbon - Chief Commercial Officer

Andrew Thomas - GM – Commercial Projects

Cameron O’Hara - Partnerships & Commercial Development Manager

Elise Wiggins - Partnerships Executive

Michael McDowell  - Partnerships Executive

Jacqui Yorston – Commercial Administration Assistant

Shannan Walker - Fundraising Executive 

Daniel Almond - Commercial Sales Mangager

Campbell Hall Commercial Sales Executive

Chelsea Robertson - Commercial Sales Coordinator

Gavin McKean - Events Coordinator



Stephen Wilson - GM - Communications & Marketing

Thomas Beverley - Media & Communications Manager

Rhiannon Sargent
 - Digital Growth & Engagement Manager

Jenna Fulton - Digital Content Coordinator

Josh Cheadle - Multimedia Producer

Sam Hocking - Video Producer

Brooke Clancy - Brand and Marketing Manager

Isabelle Bambach - Marketing Coordinator

Jessy Hart - Graphic Designer

Stacy Friske - Graphic Designer 



Tim Carey - GM - Stadium 

Nicholas Pappas - Facilities Manager 

Peter Whippy - Facilities Coordinator 

Tim Kitto - Stadium Operations Executive

Sarah Ahrens - Stadium Administration Assistant

Kerry BatihavasHorticulture & Logistics Manager

Ben Greenaway - Horticulture and Operations Coordinator

Brandon Coles - Horticulture and Operations Apprentice

Tim Murphy - Horticulture and Club Logistics Coordinator 



Jane McGough - GM Consumer & Community

Dominique Burgess
Fan Development & Ticketing Manager

Milli Rainger - Fan Development & Ticketing Administrator

Ben Durance Retention and Premium Member Executive

Craig Jarman - Retail Manager

Michael Gugliotta - Community Manager

Harley Hollonds - Community Programs Coordinator

Tori Groves-Little - Indigenous Programs

Abdullah Haddad - Consumer & Community Administrator 

Ali Malik - Consumer & Community Trainee