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Gold Coast Community Fund Partnership

The Gold Coast SUNS will continue its partnership with Gold Coast Community Fund in 2018. This will see the two entities come together and join forces to benefit those in need on the Gold Coast.

The partnership forms a strong union between the AFL Club and one of the most reputable Community Funds on the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast SUNS are excited about the partnership, as the Club sees this union as a unique and innovative way for the Club to be able to support the community through a fund or foundation that it can greatly assist in raising funds those on the Gold Coast who most need it.

The Gold Coast Community Fund’s strong track record speaks for itself, where the fund has raised and distributed a massive 2million dollars to Gold Coasters in need over the past 15 years.

The Gold Coast SUNS will play a crucial role in the partnership assisting with raising the awareness of the fund, which will assist in raising even more money for the Gold Coast Community Fund than in previous years.

The Club will also be able to also significantly raise the awareness of the fund so that individuals and charities from all over the Gold Coast, including the Gold Coast SUNS 10 nominated charities, can apply for funds they really need.

The Gold Coast SUNS players will also play a role in player visits and presentations to the beneficiary families both out in the Community and on game day.

The two entities aren’t strangers to each other either, having worked closely as part of the spectacular White Christmas Charity Event over the past four Christmas’ which has seen more than 13,500 of the most needy Gold Coasters experience a once in a lifetime night and has seen well over $160,000 raised for the Club’s 10 charities and the Gold Coast Community Fund in this time.

For more information on how the Gold Coast Community Fund works or how you can apply for support through the application process click here.