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Our vision for reconciliation: 

The Gold Coast SUNS Football Club believes that as an elite sporting brand we have a social responsibility to be a catalyst for social change by advancing the spirit of reconciliation.

The development of our inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan aims to inspire true equality between non-Indigenous Australia and its First Peoples while allowing the club to be a catalyst for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advancement via improved programs and initiatives, player and staff procurement and community partnerships.

The Gold Coast SUNS view the spirit of reconciliation and the acknowledgement of Australia’s First Nations as not only the right thing to do, but an opportunity to lead by example to develop effective and meaningful connections and support.

Click here to download the SUNS' Reconciliation Action Plan

Gold Coast SUNS past and present Indigenous players: 

Callum Ah Chee, Sean Lemmens, Jarrod Harbrow, Jack Martin, Brandon Matera, Steven May, Timmy Sumner, Harley Bennell, Jarrod Garlett, Roland Ah Chee, Liam Patrick, Nathan Krakouer and Rex Liddy. All past and present players have played a role in the development of the Club's Indigenous programs.

Our Indigenous Guernsey:


The design of the 2017 Indigenous Guernsey has again involved local Yugambeh man Luther Cora and our six Indigenous players.

The Recognise logo will again be incorporated into the design. RECOGNISE is a movement that strives to recognise and acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Australian Constitution cementing that there is no place in Australia for any form of racial discrimination.

2015 - 2016

Designed by local Yugambeh man Luther Cora, the Guernsey incorporates a range of symbols to represent the Gold Coast whilst honouring Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island traditional designs. 

The official Recognise campaign logo also features for the first time. 


Indigenous artist Luther Cora designed the Guernsey featuring elements of importance including family and the people of the Gold Coast.