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Taylor Hine doing just fine

In a young team, Taylor Hine is among the youngest. Age isn’t stopping him from making a big statement on the field, though.

A few weeks back with his side struggling to get on top of VFL cellar dweller Frankston, 18 year-old GCFC utility Taylor Hine drew a line in the sand.

Stung into action by a few stern words from the coaching staff during the main break, Hine, showing maturity beyond his years, took individual responsibility for the team’s effort.

In an impressive best-on-ground display, the fresh-faced Victorian was everywhere after the break doing the sorts of team-oriented things that make those in the know take real notice – he tackled, he chased, he harassed, he blocked, he spoiled and his second efforts were relentless.

Hine deflects any focus on his individual performance by spruiking the efforts of the team as a whole.

“We went in at half time and got a bit of a spray from Bluey. We came out pretty fired up. You can always sense a lift going on around you. Everyone was really chatty and you could just tell it was all going to work.”

Did he know he was best afield when the siren sounded?

“No, not at all. I was just pumped to be part of a winning side. I didn’t play against Geelong, so that was my first win for Gold Coast.”

Hine says he’s looking forward to having a song to belt out after a win.

“At the moment we just stand around and hold hands," he said. "[At the moment] we just get in a circle and Bluey gives us a rev up and talks about next week.”

Hine, only just 18 and still at school – he attends All Saints College with teammates Piers Flanagan, Tom Nicholls and Maverick Weller – is a former member of the 2009 TAC Cup champions the Calder Cannons.

He says juggling school and football has been a challenge, but he’s coping reasonably well.

“All things told it’s going pretty well. There’s only two more terms to go for the four of us. We help each other out and all try to stick together to make sure we get through okay.”