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Q&A: Touk Miller

Fans Q&A: Touk Miller GC SUNS midfielder Touk Miller answers your questions caught up with Touk Miller ahead of his 50th game on Saturday to ask questions submitted by our fans.


Q: What new music and albums are you guys getting around lately? - @binga_11 via Instagram

That’s a good question. I probably listen to the same music every time.

Anything that’s on Radio Metro at the moment I love.

I kinda mix it up.


Q: What’s your favourite moment of your afl career besides your debut? - @darcy.mid via Instagram

Any win I’ve been involved with has been a massive highlight.

Also a few of the other boys' first games I’ve really enjoyed.


Q: What drives you to be a better footballer and do you see yourself as a future captain or leader of this young group? - @Edbickford via Instagram

To be honest, I want to be the best, like most footballers I guess. From an individual point of view you want to be the best you can be. Along with you want to win premierships.

I do love being in the leadership role at the moment, whatever that leads to is for the future. If someone told me I was going to be captain in the future I wouldn’t say no to it.

But for now loving the leadership role I’m in and taking in as much as possible.  


Q: What are your favourite sports apart from AFL? - @dek.vlogs via Instagram

Basketball at the moment, been loving the NBA so pretty keen for the finals to start. I’m on the Lebron train- whatever he does I’m on for.

Love cricket, a lot of sports to be honest with you. The only sport I don’t get into, to be honest with you, is rugby league, which is a bit weird living up here.


Q: Touk you’re a superstar in the making, where do you see yourself in the long term and would you prefer to change positions as you gain experience? Chris Jourdain via Facebook

I see myself here in the long term.

Hopefully I stay in the midifeld.


Q: Have you played AFL evolution yet? – by popular demand.

I haven’t, but I know a few of the boys have and I know they quite like it. They play as themselves, kick about five/six a game and have 40 possessions.

But it’s meant to be a really good game.