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Cairns completes Talent ID campaign

SUNS TV: AFLW Talent ID Wrap - Cairns Hear from our GM - List & Strategy Craig Cameron on the results of the AFLW Talent ID Day in Cairns.

Last Saturday saw the third and final Gold Coast SUNS’ Women’s Football Talent ID Day take place in Cairns. 

General Manager of List and Strategy Craig Cameron spoke to SUNS TV on the variety of different sporting backgrounds the ID days had seen as well as the benefits for girls already playing AFL.

“I think it’s been really successful in introducing athletes from other sports into football, it’s been really good in introducing athletes from footy to a higher level of football and to start them on a journey to elite level, so it’s been very successful,” Cameron said 

The testing days aim to identify female athletes who have the ability and potential to play in the upcoming Winter Series and eventually progress through to the AFLW.

“So we play three games this year against the Giants and Sydney and I think the Giants side will be split into two so we’ll get two games against them, next year hopefully we’ll play more games in the Winter Series,” Cameron said.

“We’re talking to the AFL this week about that so hopefully they’ll expand and lead into 2020.” 

Girls selected from the Talent ID Days will begin training as a squad in preparation for the Winter Series, whilst Gold Coast talent scouts will begin monitoring local football clubs for more girls excelling in the game.