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Youth Girls apply their ability at Academies Carnival

SUNS TV: Female Academy Update SUNS TV chats with Female Academy coach Michael Gugliotta to get an update on all the action over the weekend.

Over the weekend the Gold Coast SUNS Youth Girls had the opportunity to apply their training at the Northern Academies Carnival in Coffs Harbour.

The girls recorded wins over the Swans and Giants Academies, but a poor second half against the Lions resulted in their only loss for the weekend. 

Women’s Academy Coach, Michael Gugliotta, spoke of the benefits of the weekend for the girls. 

“They put a really good performance together over the three games, the first game was not too bad, second game we did go down to the Lions and by the third game we were able to put all the pieces we’ve been practicing together and play a really strong game.” Gugliotta told SUNS TV. 

“They second game they did, they learn a lot from that, the scoreboard probably didn’t reflect the effort that they showed.”

Whilst the weekend came as a learning experience for some players, others were able to demonstrate their ability for the upcoming state program and the 2018 Women’s Winter Series. 


Northern Academies Carnival Results:


Game 1

SUNS 3.4 22 def Swans 0.1 1

Goals: Phinnesea, Groves-Little and Rowlands 1

Best: Phinnesea, Watson, Groves-Little, Goodwin, Oakley, Brennan


Game 2

Lions 10.6 66 def SUNS 3.2 20

Goals: Brennan, Bradfield and Hammans 1

Best: Goodwin, Bremher, Hammans, Oakley


Game 3

SUNS 6.7 43 def Giants 0.1.1

Goals: Ahwang 2, Bradfield, Hammans, Smith, Tarlinton 1

Best: Wood, Brennan, Hampson, Watt, Boltz, Brehmer