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Pocket Profile: Jarrod Harbrow

     - Jarrod Harbrow

Nickname: Harbs

Grand Final- day, twighlight or night: 

Bounce- yes or no: 

Best set shot at the SUNS: Sean Lemmens

Stuart Dew often says: 
"Don't waste a session"

Best advice you've ever recieved:
 Be happy

Favourite AFLW player: 
Darcy Vescio

Least-preferred teammate on road trips: Jack Martin

Funniest teammate:
 Alex Sexton

Which teammates pick themselves in AFL Fantasy: Rischa (Michael Rischitelli) 

If you could enter a teammate for My Kitchen Rules, who would it be and why: Jack Martin

Team barracked for as a kid: Geelong Cats/Brisbane Lions

Most inspiring movie: Black Comedy

Best concert attended: George Strait in Las Vegas

Three apps you can't live without: Macquarie Bank, CommBank, email

Twitter or Instagram: Instagram

Favourite cafe: Little Mermaid

What do you order: Coffee

Hidden Talent: Can do sign language to the Titanic song

Guilty pleasure: Hot chips

Your passions or interests outside footy: Spearing on the boat

Life motto: Don't be gammin (fake) 

Your best traits are: Observant

Do you have any pets: No

Favourite cartoon or movie character: The Rock

Favourite holiday spot: Mexico

Best piece of advice your mum gave you: Life goes on