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Winter Series side ready for Game 2

SUNS TV: Beth Pinchin Presser Winter Series captain Beth Pinchin speaks about round 2 against GWS South.
You’re not going to get better unless you challenge yourself
Beth Pinchin

The Gold Coast SUNS women’s side are ramping up preparations ahead of their second match against GWS South on Sunday at Southport Sharks.

Captain Beth Pinchin said the group had reviewed their loss to GWS North two weeks ago and identified where they can improve.

“In a couple of weeks we’ve focussed on a few things,” Pinchin told SUNS TV.

“We’ve looked at our last quarter which was probably our best quarter and we’re looking to build on those things and really focussed on a few of those key elements at training.

“Hopefully we can bring them into the game on Sunday.”

The side have had two weeks to prepare for this week’s game and have done their research on the opposition. 

“We’ve seen a bit of the game, Googs [Michael Gugliotta – senior coach] gave us a bit of homework from their previous game against the Lions,” Pinchin said.

“(It will be) looking at a few key players to maybe shut down and some things that we can do to counteract their game.”

The SUNS Winter Series team has already been challenged in their short existence, coming up against high-quality AFLW players in their first match against GWS North.

Pinchin says it’s an opportunity for the side to prove they’re up to the standard in the lead up to 2020. 

“You’re not going to get better unless you challenge yourself,” she said.

“Coming up against these players is going to be fantastic to really see if you can get up to that next level and maybe even give them a run for their money.”

Eleven players from the total squad of 29 have come through the SUNS Academy, both on the Coast and in North Queensland, which gives Pinchin belief the foundation of women’s talent is strong throughout the state.

“We’ve got a fairly young bunch which is great to see that they can possibly keep improving,” Pinchin said. 

“I had the privilege of coaching the Sunsets as well as some of the Academy stuff so seeing the talent back then and seeing them develop has been great.

“They’re already at such a high level at this young age so if they can keep improving, the talent that’s going to be here in the future is going to be fantastic.”