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Rischa resilient in defence

SUNS TV: Rischitelli Interview SUNS TV spoke to defender Michael Rischitelli about his changing role on the field in 2018.

After starting his career as an inside midfielder, Michael Rischitelli says he’s been comfortable with his role in the backline for the SUNS in 2018.

The 32-year-old has provided experience and stability in the back half for Gold Coast and says the fundamentals remain contant no matter where you line up on the ground. 

“The same values and your mindset goes in to the game,” Rischitelli told SUNS TV.

“Obviously you’re trying to stop your opponent and win or halve your own ball. 

“I’ve had a lot of help from Rory (Thompson), (Steven) May, (Jarrod) Harbrow and (Jesse) Joyce.”

Rischitelli was one of the very first uncontracted players to arrive at the SUNS in 2010 at 24 years of age, but is now a veteran of the club after serving eight years on the Coast. 

The now 32-year-old says he’s enjoyed overseeing the development of the SUNS’ first-year players this season.

“Obviously playing down with Chuck (Charlie Ballard) at the moment, he’s very upbeat and cheeky and good to play with,” Rischitelli said.

“He’s going to be a really good player for the club.

“We’ve obviously got other guys as well like Wil (Powell) that’s had a couple of games now so we’re getting some youth in there which is exciting.”

Harbrow, May, Thompson and Joyce have all been regular names in the backline throughout 2018 and Rischitelli says playing consistently together has allowed the unit to find its groove.

“For the majority of the year we’ve been pretty good, it’s just a matter now of trying to just get better,” Rischitelli said 

“It’s obviously not long until the end of the year so wherever we can get better we’ll just keep going.

“We definitely owe it to our supporters and hopefully we can get as many to the game as possible (this weekend) and obviously we’re looking for a win.”