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Pocket Profile: Jack Bowes

      - Jack Bowes

Nickname: Bowesy

Grand Final - day, twilight or night: Day

Bounce - yes or no: Yes

Best set shot at your club: Jack Martin

Most underrated AFL player: Mitch Duncan

My coach often says: "You gotta rip in" 

Best advice you've received: If you're not first, you're last

Greatest footy moment before the AFL: Under 14 premiership

Favourite AFLW player: 
Alex Saundry

Least-preferred teammate on road trips: Brad Scheer - he blasts deep house music all night 

Funniest teammate:
 Tom Nicholls, Alex Sexton and Jack Scrimshaw

Which teammates pick themselves in AFL Fantasy: Will Brodie has himself as skipper

If you could enter a teammate for My Kitchen Rules, who would it be and why: Touk Miller & Peter Wright because they are hoof cooks

Team barracked for as a kid: Golden State Warriors

Most inspiring movie: Hackshaw Ridge

Best concert attended: Bluejuice

Three apps you can't live without: Smartabase, HRV, Whatsapp

Instagram or Twitter: Instagram

Favourite cafe: Paddick Bakery

What do you order: Toad in the whole

Guilty pleasure: Excessive amounts of Fortnite

Your passions or interests outside footy: NBA, cricket, golf, PlayStation

Life motto: Life's short - eat the cake

Your best traits are: Straight teeth

Do you have any pets: Dog named Oscar

Favourite cartoon or movie character: Peter Griffin from Family Guy

Favourite holiday spot: Cairns

Best piece of advice your mum gave you: Don't forget your water bottle