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Fans Q&A: Stuart Dew

Fans Q&A: Stuart Dew GC SUNS Senior Coach Stuart Dew answers your questions

The team at asked our fans to comment, tweet and message us questions for senior coach, Stuart Dew. 

Q: First year as senior coach in 2018, how have you found the transition and overall have you enjoyed it?

Dew: First up I’ve loved it, it’s been a great transition from assistant coach to senior coach, obviously we would have loved more wins but the growth within the club and getting to know everyone involved in it has really been a positive experience, and you know can’t wait for next year. 


What is the hardest part about being senior coach?

The hardest part is I think you feel everything a little bit harder and obviously you’re the face of the club so, but that’s the best part as well I think, you know everyone wants your time and that’s what I love about the job is that you get to deal with people every day and sometimes you get sick of your own voice but working together with a group of people to try and achieve something is hard but that’s the most rewarding.


Who has surprised you the most with their abilities?

I wouldn’t say surprised but I’ve really enjoyed Jarrod Harbrow, watching him go about it, the way he trained was a great example to all our younger players, the intensity he trains at was very similar to the way he plays so obviously our best and fairest winner and that was a great example for us.


Do you feel a team bond should take priority over building a system or do you feel that they're symbiotic. 

A little bit of both, I think we’re trying to create a really good system where by we don’t rely on one or two players so I think we’ve got a fair way to go in that sense and we want to make sure we’ve got good depth and build good capability amongst the list so I think we made some steps towards that and now we’ve got to make sure we build our physical capability as well.


Are the young players showing genuine love for the club and each other?

Yeah absolutely and I think that’s one of the positive things I’ve found from this year and that everyone’s really invested in making sure that next group of players really understand that it’s their club, it’s not just somewhere they roll up for a couple of hours a day and do a bit of work, they’re really invested and want to see the club do well and help it on it’s way.


We recently delisted Michael Barlow, why did the club decide to take this approach? 

It was a tough one for Michael, obviously started the season well and in form in the NEAFL and that was around the time we were three wins from five games as well and came into the Adelaide game and we probably played him on the wing and we felt that perhaps his best position was inside and at that point was behind Jarryd Lyons and Touk Miller had stepped up and Dave Swallow and then after the bye after China he got injured and probably when he would have got a really good opportunity and Will Brodie got in at that point and form there I think Michael as an inside mid was parked behind others. Obviously played the last couple of games on the wing but I think we’re probably after someone with a bit more flexibility at this stage of his career and I know Michael was disappointed, but I think we gave good clarity along the way as to where he sat and was a great servant to the footy club.


Which position/s are you looking to target this trade and draft period?

Probably looking to build the midfield depth, but also guys that can play multiple positions I think. Guys that can play half forward, midfield, outside or inside mid then half back are really important to the footy club’s success and I think at the end we were raving guys that could play multiple positions given that we had a lot of injuries.


Do you believe the AFL should bring back the mid year draft opening a pathway for mature players? 

I think it’s got merit but the only concept I’d be wary of is if you could probably just keep it within the AFL, I think if you’re grabbing people from state league it would be too big of jump but also players those state league clubs would think they have for the whole year would suddenly get yanked out half way through but I think in certain circumstances the other clubs might see capability on other lists that I think would be beneficial for some, both player and club.


Who was you’re favourite AFL player watching as a kid growing up?

John Platten was my favourite, I was a Hawthorn supporter so I quite enjoyed watching John Platten and Dipper and those types of guys through the 80’s.


How much damage did you use to do on the dancefloor at the Norwood hotel?

No, nah no damage at all, I was very, I was off to the side. Well done someone from Adelaide.


Thanks everyone for your questions, really appreciate you taking the time and we can’t wait for season 2019, we’’ll see you there.