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SUNS TV: Intra Club Highlights

6:04pm  Feb 23, 2018

SUNS TV: Bowes on Cairns

5:46pm  Feb 23, 2018

SUNS TV: Mark Evans Interview

5:15pm  Feb 23, 2018

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SUNS shine on a rainy day

Jack Bowes, Will Brodie and Brayden Fiorini shone, as did Fremantle recruit Lachie Weller, in the intra-club match.

6:46pm  Feb 23, 2018

May looking forward to the "healthy competition" for spots

Captain Steven May is looking forward to the healthy competition for spots among the tall timber

6:32pm  Feb 23, 2018

Evans excited for the season to start

GC SUNS Chief Executive Mark Evans confirmed that the club is looking to schedule another activity for fans before the season kicks off.

6:04pm  Feb 23, 2018

Pocket Profile: Tom Nicholls

March 28, 2016 11:17 AM

AFL 2016 Portraits - Gold Coast Suns

Thomas 'Gerrard' Nicholls

"Loser" or "Nerd"

What was your best break in life:
Probably just the one at Burleigh heads man. So pitted there ay

Best piece of advice your mother gave you:
Always check the eggs at the supermarket to see if they're cracked. If they're not cracked, crack them for the next person.

If you weren’t a footballer, what would you be:

Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by:
YOLO dude

If you could ask someone to be your mentor, who would it be:

Morning or evening person:
Suhh dude

Favourite timeslot to play in:
Suhh dude

Favourite footy journalist:
Suhh dude

Favourite TV caller/commentator:
Lee Lin Chin

Worst injury:
Stubbed toe on leg of table :(

How many text messages do you send a day:
1, need more credit :(

Three phone apps you can’t live without:
BBC Radio 1

Favourite Twitter account you follow:
@browncardigan & @donaldtrumpdoingthings

Most embarrassing song in your iTunes:
Daniel Nielsen performing "longest hour"

Best concert you’ve been to:
Wiggles 'big red car tour' circa 2003

Where did you holiday after last season:

Favourite sport other than football:
Silent reading

What sport would you like to compete in at the 2016 Olympics:
Silent reading

Can you change a spare tyre:
Yeah easy, just call RACQ/V/WA/SA/NT

Do you iron your own shirts:
Suhh dude

Favourite restaurant:
Cheeky Monkeys in Byron

Do you believe in UFOs:
I saw a UFO and nobody believed me.. I was 16 miles from home nobody in sight

What three items would you take to a desert island:
iPhone, a magazine & a Sherrin

Any special hobbies or interests:
Film photography, vintage suitcases, vinyl & red wines pre-1995

What do you have that is of great value to you, but no one else: