To deeply connect with our community and inspire people to be part of our extraordinary journey.

- Club Purpose

The Gold Coast SUNS were established in 2009 with the promise of bringing bold, fresh, community-focused football to the people of the Gold Coast, a community they share a deep connection with.

The SUNS have worked hard to promote the growth of AFL in Queensland, with participation in junior football, the women’s game and Auskick programs up 82% overall.

In the last nine years the club and players have committed to more than 45,000 community volunteering hours with a strong focus on key social projects tackling domestic violence, youth homelessness and regional needs. This, combined with the development of Heritage Bank Stadium and an average contribution to the local economy of some $38 million per year, means the the SUNS are not only part of the future of Australian football but also an integral part of the Gold Coast’s story.

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