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2016 guernsey numbers

The Gold Coast SUNS have finalised their playing numbers for the 2016 season.

2:32pm  Nov 30, 2015

Meeting with powerbrokers seals fate

Jesse Joyce is no stranger to the inside workings of Metricon Stadium.

11:44am  Nov 30, 2015

Willis: It was a huge surprise

Mackenzie Willis had little expectations heading into Tuesday night’s Draft.

5:49pm  Nov 27, 2015


Confidence Is Growing, Education Remains Paramount

Assistant coach Dean Solomon acknowledges that confidence has sparked up in the GC SUNS group, but that there is still plenty to educate the players on.

April 3, 2013  5:00 PM

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Rookie Highlights: Tom Keough

5:33pm Nov 27, 2015

SUNS TV: Jesse Joyce

4:36pm Nov 27, 2015

SUNS TV: Mackenzie Willis

4:23pm Nov 27, 2015

SUNS TV: Josh Schoenfeld

4:13pm Nov 27, 2015

SUNS TV: Brayden Fiorini

4:06pm Nov 27, 2015

Going Places - Callum Ah Chee

11:06am Nov 26, 2015

SUNS TV: Callum Ah Chee Day 2

1:21pm Nov 25, 2015

2016 Pre-Season: Rehab Group

10:15am Nov 25, 2015

SUNS TV: Scott Clayton

9:37pm Nov 24, 2015

SUNS TV: Callum Ah Chee

8:18pm Nov 24, 2015

Pick 34: Josh Schoenfeld

8:12pm Nov 24, 2015

Pick 20: Brayden Fiorini

8:02pm Nov 24, 2015

Pick 8: Callum Ah Chee

7:57pm Nov 24, 2015