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SUNS at the AFL Draft Combine looks back at some photos of current GC SUNS players at past AFL Draft Combine events.

3:57pm  Sep 30, 2014

2014 Review: Tom Lynch

If there was any doubt as to which Gold Coast forward would be leading the team into the next phase, fans need only to look to Tom Lynch.

1:15pm  Sep 30, 2014

2014 Review: David Swallow

David Swallow silenced any doubters by turning in his best season in the AFL in 2014.

4:41pm  Sep 29, 2014


Confidence Is Growing, Education Remains Paramount

Assistant coach Dean Solomon acknowledges that confidence has sparked up in the GC SUNS group, but that there is still plenty to educate the players on.

April 3, 2013  5:00 PM

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2014 Highlight: Tom Lynch

10:54am Sep 30, 2014

2014 Highlight: David Swallow

4:33pm Sep 29, 2014

Ellis finishes 3rd in GF Sprint

1:52pm Sep 29, 2014

Lachie Weller hopes for draft

11:19am Sep 25, 2014

SUNS TV Top 10 Marks of 2014

11:28am Sep 18, 2014

SUNS TV Top 10 Goals of 2014

11:43am Sep 15, 2014

GC SUNS' Path to 5,000 Hours

11:07am Sep 12, 2014

5000 hours in the Community

12:23pm Sep 10, 2014

SUNS TV: 2014 Bloopers (pt2)

10:04am Sep 10, 2014

SUNS TV: 2014 Bloopers (pt1)

10:02am Sep 10, 2014

Club Champion: David Swallow

10:51pm Sep 5, 2014

Runner-Up: Tom Lynch

10:50pm Sep 5, 2014