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A new look 2017 program for SUNS Academy

2017 represents an opportunity for the SUNS Academy to see how they measure up against other northern states programs.

10:59am  Jan 20, 2017

New year, new home for the SUNS

Gold Coast is just two weeks away from moving into its $22 million training and administration facility.

10:30am  Jan 20, 2017

Two Academy stars join AFL Academy for US Trip

Two SUNS Academy members will spend a week training in the US under the watchful eyes of Luke Power.

9:26am  Jan 20, 2017

Confidence Is Growing, Education Remains Paramount

Assistant coach Dean Solomon acknowledges that confidence has sparked up in the GC SUNS group, but that there is still plenty to educate the players on.

April 3, 2013  5:00 PM

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2017 Pre-Season: Gym Session

4:01pm Jan 10, 2017

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10:42am Jan 9, 2017

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