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A huge surprise for Tasmanian Willis

When Mackenzie Willis’ name flashed on screen towards the end of Tuesday night’s national draft, the Tasmanian playmaker couldn’t get his head around what he was seeing.

5:19pm  Nov 26, 2015

Stunned Schoenfeld over the moon

Despite a brilliant draft combine, new Gold Coast recruit Josh Schoenfeld had little expectations heading into Tuesday night's national draft. Moments later, his life changed in an instant.

5:04pm  Nov 26, 2015

"I think it’s sunk in now"

New Gold Coast recruit Callum Ah Chee had the initial phase of his football dream realised on Tuesday night when the SUNS called out his name with pick No. 8.

3:43pm  Nov 26, 2015


Sydney Will Test The Suns

Guy Mckenna talks pre Sydney match

April 5, 2013  12:21 PM

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Going Places - Callum Ah Chee

11:06am Nov 26, 2015

SUNS TV: Callum Ah Chee Day 2

1:21pm Nov 25, 2015

2016 Pre-Season: Rehab Group

10:15am Nov 25, 2015

SUNS TV: Scott Clayton

9:37pm Nov 24, 2015

SUNS TV: Callum Ah Chee

8:18pm Nov 24, 2015

Pick 34: Josh Schoenfeld

8:12pm Nov 24, 2015

Pick 20: Brayden Fiorini

8:02pm Nov 24, 2015

Pick 8: Callum Ah Chee

7:57pm Nov 24, 2015

Draft Tales: Seb Tape

3:22pm Nov 24, 2015

Draft Tales: Rory Thompson

4:30pm Nov 23, 2015

Draft Trumps: Sam Weideman

8:26am Nov 23, 2015

Draft Trumps: Darcy Tucker

8:23am Nov 23, 2015

Draft Trumps: Wayne Milera

8:21am Nov 23, 2015

Draft Tales: Brandon Matera

4:30pm Nov 20, 2015