At only 23 years old, Touk Miller is quickly becoming one of the strongest leaders at the Gold Coast SUNS.

Miller was announced as one of the club’s vice-captains on Monday morning alongside Pearce Hanley, with the pair supporting the club’s new co-captains David Swallow and Jarrod Witts.

Miller’s leadership has been endorsed all throughout the club, with Stuart Dew stating the midfielder was unlucky to miss out on the top job in his press conference and David Swallow backing Miller in to be a future captain of the club down the track.

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But Miller has shown no signs of disappointment and is only excited by what the 2019 season will hold. 

“Obviously (I’m) super humbled to be put in the position that I am, and the backing from the group is the most positive thing for that,” Miller told SUNS Media.

“I think there is still a lot of room for growth but I think over time we’ve put a lot of effort, especially the last 6 months, into leadership and how we are amongst the group and how you’re perceived by everyone.

“That body of work we’ve done has really helped my leadership grow and I’m looking forward to going to better places in the future.”

Miller, Swallow, Witts and Pearce Hanley will form the core of this year’s leadership group and are the only members to carry over from last year’s group.

“We all have different personalities and we all have different strengths, so I think we’ll really feed off each other,” Miller said. 

“That’s not to mention the other four blokes that have come into the leadership group, they all add something. 

“I think we’ll all bounce off each other really well for the whole entire year, I couldn’t be happier with the way it shaped out.”

While this will be Miller’s third year in the leadership group, he will be joined by some players entering their first year in an official leadership role at the SUNS. 

Brayden Fiorini is a lot younger, but he’s really organised, he stays on top of things really well,” Miller said.

George Horlin-Smith plays really well and people follow his actions.

(Alex) Sexton, over time he’s become a different man and he’s really brought a serious side to his leadership, not to mention his real social side as well. 

“Obviously Harbs (Jarrod Harbrow) is well respected amongst the club, a life member – you don’t have to say much more about him. 

“The additions are fantastic.”