Ahead of the historic Round 13 match in Townsville, the Gold Coast SUNS have made four changes to their team line-up.

The SUNS take on St Kilda at 1.45pm on Saturday at Riverway Stadium, Townsville, the first match for AFL Premiership points in the region. 

After strong NEAFL performances Sam Day and Callum Ah Chee come into the team, both for the first time in the 2019 season.

They are joined by club debutant Corey Ellis and George Horlin-Smith.

Ellis joined the SUNS during the 2018 NAB Trade Period from Richmond, bringing 27 games of experience.

Vice-captain Touk Miller has not passed the necessary fitness tests, after suffering a corked quad in last weekend’s match against North Melbourne.

Jordan Murdoch (foot), Josh Corbett (omit) and Chris Burgess (omit) have also come out of the team line-up.


10. C. Ballard

12. S. Day

5. J. Harbrow


38. J. Joyce

20. J. Hombsch

14. L. Weller


6. A. Sexton

7. W. Brodie

41. J. Lukosius


39. N. Holman

30. P. Wright

13. Ah Chee


4. J. Martin

34. B. King

11. W. Powell


28. J. Witts

24. D. Swallow

44. D. Macpherson


17. C. Ellis

8. B. Fiorini

33. G. Horlin-Smith


2. A. Miles


29. C. Burgess

19. J. Corbett 

40. J. Heron


42. C. Nutting



IN: Ah Chee, Day, Ellis, Horlin-Smith
OUT: Corbott (omit), Burgess (omit), Murdoch (injured), Miller (injured)