Peter Wright was the most relieved man at Metricon Stadium on Sunday afternoon when Jack Bowes made good on a pre-match promise to Gold Coast coach Stuart Dew.

Following the SUNS' heart-stopping two-point victory over Carlton, Dew revealed Bowes had joked with him in the warm-up that he'd snap a goal with his left foot against the Blues.

The young midfielder waited until the final 15 seconds to make good on his promise – much to the relief of 'Two-Metre Peter'.

Although to Wright's credit, he had a big hand in Bowes' match-winning goal.

Just minutes before Bowes kicked his go-ahead goal, Wright made a blunder he thought had cost Gold Coast the four premiership points.

Leading by a point, Alex Sexton pumped the ball long to the goalsquare, where Wright out-maneuvered opponent Caleb Marchbank. 

With the ball about to sail through for a goal, Wright decided to go for the uncontested grab, only to spill it across the goal line for a behind.

Seconds later Patrick Cripps gave the Blues a four-point lead with a goal at the other end of the ground.

"It was a bit of dismay really - you feel like you let the team down in that moment," Wright told

"I was thinking it's a one-on-one with Caleb and was reading the flight of the ball, not registering where the goals were.

"I just lost sight of that.

"I should have taken the mark, or I could have let it go through, but it was a big relief when 'Bowesy' put that through the sticks."

Dew said he agreed with Wright's decision to go for the grab.

"It's dipping and I think you just go for the mark," Dew said.

"He could leave it, the ball's a funny shape, it can bounce back. In the end he will say he should’ve marked it and kicked the goal."

What the mishap did was give Bowes the chance to be a hero – and Wright a chance for redemption.

With 15 seconds remaining, Wright got the ball from congestion and fired it to Bowes who snapped just out of the reach of Mitch McGovern and watched it bounce through.

"I remember there being a massive scrap from the boys and Peter Wright digging down there, getting low and giving the hands out and I was lucky enough to put it on the left foot and it just got over the fingertips of the Carlton player and went in," Bowes said.

"It's a pretty surreal feeling."