The SUNS NEAFL side will have seven changes to take on Aspley this weekend at Voxson Oval.

Corey Ellis will make his return for his first game since an ankle injury sustained in a NEAFL practice match in late March. 

After travelling with the AFL side to Perth, Chris Burgess will play in the NEAFL this week, as well as Jesse Joyce and George Horlin-Smith who were omitted from the AFL side.

Sean Lemmens comes out of the side for AFL selection.

The SUNS’ top Academy prospects will be available for their first NEAFL match this weekend since the Academy claimed the NAB League title last week.

The SUNS’ listed players will be joined by exciting prospects Connor Budarick, Alex Davies, Josh Gore and Hewago Paul Oea.

Davies will play his first NEAFL match after representing Australia’s U17 side last month in an ANZAC exhibition match against New Zealand.



45. J. Dawson

21. J. Leslie

38. J. Joyce


17. C. Ellis

46. C. Graham

43. J. McLennan


36. J. Schoenfeld

35. M. Rischitelli

33. G. Horlin-Smith


29. C. Burgess

12. S. Day

54. L. McDonald


47. H. Oea

34. B. King

48. F. Greenwool


22. T. Nicholls

40. J. Heron

7. W. Brodie


42. C. Nutting

55. J. Gore

49. A. Davies


50. C. Budarick


58. D. Koenen

56. R. Gilmore

59. M. Conroy

 29. C Burgess 50. C Budarick 47. H Oea 33. G Horlin-Smith 55. J Gore 38. J Joyce 49. A Davies 17. C Ellis
Out: 23. S Lemmens (AFL) 60. H Arnold 55. T Bowie 59. Z Briggs 49. J Mohr 50. E Semaan (all omitted)
New: 49. A Davies 17. C Ellis