Gold Coast remains on the hunt for another top-10 selection to add to its bounty of NAB AFL Draft picks. 

The SUNS are open to packaging their picks 15 and 20 to move up the order for another early choice to add to their prized No.1 and 2 selections.

Recruiting manager Kall Burns told the Road to the Draft podcast, brought to you by Hostplus, that Gold Coast will still look to move up the board.

"That's a scenario we're open to and have had discussions with clubs who potentially want to split their pick. We'll work out that," he said.

"We can still trade picks now leading up to a week before the draft, so those conversations are constantly happening. And then the trade will open up again as the draft night commences."

Clubs are able to trade draft selections up until Friday, November 22 before a blackout until the start of the draft on Wednesday, November 27. 

The SUNS spoke to rivals during the Telstra AFL Trade Period about the capacity to get closer to the top end of the draft, with an eye to grabbing three top-10 picks for the second consecutive year.

"There were discussions. They didn't get as far as potentially happening, but there were certainly discussions around clubs now being aware that we're open to trading those forward," Burns said.

"If that doesn’t come to fruition then we are very, very happy picking at 15 and 20. We think there's some really strong talent throughout the middle of this year's draft, and not only just the top-end.

"We think it's quite even and we'd be very, very happy picking at those picks if we have to."

Pick 20 was supplied to the SUNS by the AFL as part of its assistance package to the wooden-spooners, and it will carry extra significance as the first pick at the start of the second round.

It will mean the SUNS will open night two of the draft, putting them in a strong position to trade the pick if a rival sees a prospect is still available.

The first three picks of the second round in last year's draft were traded when the draft resumed the following day.

Burns said the evenness of the 2019 pool meant the club would be comfortable selecting in that stage of the draft if it is to keep its picks, as it starts to get a handle on the players who could be available.

"We certainly do our work to have an understanding. It's not clear at this point of the year where clubs are jostling for players, but that will play out over the next month leading into the draft. We certainly have an idea," he said.