Carlton coach David Teague and Gold Coast counterpart Stuart Dew are prepared to leave their young families and enter quarantine hubs in order to rebuild the game.  

Speaking ahead of the National Cabinet meeting on Friday that will provide greater clarity on the prospect of hubs, both said they'd be willing to spend time away from home.

It comes after some players threatened to stand down if they were required to commit to the worst-case scenario of 20 weeks in isolation between the season restart and the Grand Final.  

Dew, a father of two, said he and his wife would lean on the experience from 2018 where the SUNS played their first nine games away from Metricon Stadium.

"In our first year the Commonwealth Games threw up a pretty unique scenario for 10 weeks where it felt like you were coming and going from the airport," he said.

"We're both hard workers and we're committed to doing that really well and at this time, we need to support the game that supports us. We'll find a way, like we always have. 

"We lived in Sydney with young kids when we both worked full-time and you make it work and it'll be a moment in time.

"The best thing about that period was that we had the mentality – you've got to do what you have to do, you can't change things.

"It's a bit like arguing with an umpire's decision, if that's what's in front of you, you can either get on with it or complaining's going to waste a bit of energy."

While Gold Coast and Brisbane looms as a likely home for hubs should they eventuate, the SUNS would still be required to enter isolated living arrangements away from families should that occur. 

Dew said he would await Friday's outcome before delving into whether any of his players would withdraw themselves from the hubs model.

Midfielder Hugh Greenwood and co-captain Jarrod Witts have recently welcomed new babies, while the partners of "2-3 other players" were set to give birth in coming months.

Teague said he wouldn't begrudge any player from opting out of the hubs model.

"I said pretty early on when they mentioned the hub idea that I'd support any player who chooses not to go in there," Teague said.

"If they don't want to go in there, they're probably not going to play their best footy anyway.

"From what I've gauged from our playing group, there are going to be 22 players who are really excited and want to go in there and play well.

"I feel comfortable with that. I think most of our players … so far they all seem really keen. I haven't had anyone say they don't want to go in."