Gold Coast SUNS forward Alex Sexton enjoyed a rapid growth in his football on the field last season.

But off the field his leadership skills have also been developing quickly and at 25, Sexton has all of a sudden found himself to be one of the most experienced players on the list.

This season he will take another step forward in his footballing journey after he was named in the leadership group for the first time in his career. 

“It’s extremely exciting,” Sexton told SUNS Media.

“To be voted by your peers as someone they see as a strong leader of the football club is good and it’s something I’ve been working on.

“It’s good to be acknowledged and I’m looking forward to driving the club forward.”

He’s one of the new members of the eight-man leadership panel, but Sexton doesn’t think his role within the playing group will change too much from what he’s already been doing.

“I think we all bounce off each other reasonably well and you look at the eight leaders in the leadership group now, we’re all a pretty close group,” he said.

“We’re all going to help each other and make it easier. 

“I’m excited about developing the younger guys in the footy club and that’s something I’ve stepped up in this pre-season especially.” 

He’s always been a popular member of the playing group, but the development of Sexton’s leadership over time is an aspect of his game that often goes unnoticed. 

“I’ve had a lot of help from outside sources and inside the club just on my leadership and where I can actually use my personality and energy that I provide around the club,” Sexton said.

“It is something that I’ve been working on and I’m happy with where it is at the moment with obviously a lot of work to still be done.

“But I’m extremely confident in the leadership group this year and like I said I’m looking forward to driving the footy club forward.”