There was no shying away from the result in the QClash for the SUNS, but AFLW Senior Coach David Lake’s message post-match was simple.

The response to the loss is crucial.

“At the end of the day you are disappointed from a footy club perspective, and then how you represented yourself,” Lake said.

“Most importantly it's about what do you do to address that and then how do you go forward.

“It's what you're going to do about it that matters. That's where you can define yourself, I think.”

Despite the SUNS winning the contested possessions and clearances on the day, Brisbane were superior out in space and were able to have more impact with their uncontested possessions.

Lake acknowledged Brisbane’s strong performance but said the SUNS would be looking to draw the positives from the match.

“They were very good, they played with real intent, they were strong at the footy had real purpose in what they did,” Lake said.

“I thought we were good on the inside, and the numbers say that but on the outside they were very quick to find that space.

“We weren't quick enough to cover off, but it is a hallmark of their game at the moment.”

With the SUNS playing the opening two matches against perennial AFLW finals contenders, Lake said there would be plenty of learnings for the team for remainder of the season.

“Clearly we've got a little bit of work to do, we just need to go back to repositioning ourselves and go forward,” he said.

“There’s seven more weeks to go (and) we want to play at the end.

“I haven’t lost faith at all.”