Gold Coast SUNS leader Sean Lemmens has taken a strong stance against the vitriolic comments aimed at exciting SUNS forward Mabior Chol in recent days.

After starring in the 30-point victory over Carlton with three goals to his name, Chol was the victim of disgraceful racial abuse on social media.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday afternoon, Lemmens was firm in his support for a much-loved teammate.

“It’s disgusting really and it’s not the first time it’s happened,” Lemmens said.

“As a footy club we stand in front of Cholly and we don’t expect him to take the full brunt of that. We don’t stand for that at this footy club.

“They’re pretty crap comments to be honest by some people and it’s ridiculous it is still happening so we’ll get behind him and continue to support him.”


Lemmens said racism could have lasting impacts on the victim if not addressed.

“For him not to be comfortable and obviously to have the mental effect afterwards isn’t great,” Lemmens said.

“It clearly hurts him but he’s in now with his mates and he knows we support him 100% and we’ll keep backing him.

“If it’s going to happen again don’t think we’re going to stand back and let it happen, we’ll obviously speak up."

As a club, the Gold Coast SUNS will continue to call these abhorrent actions out for what they are and support players and their families wholeheartedly.

Accept the challenge, if you see anyone who behaved in this way, call it out as completely unacceptable.

Racism. It stops with me.