SUNS fans there is plenty to take in after today’s performance.

Let’s take a look at what Senior Coach Stuart Dew had to say after the 14-point victory over the Swans at the SCG on Saturday afternoon.

SUNS Media have broken down the key topics from the post-match press conference.

Stuey you must be proud of the way your players went about it today?

“Always a tough game against Sydney footy club and obviously the SCG as well,” Dew said.

“I've sat here the last couple of weeks and said we're close but so far and just haven't been able to get over the line in the end.

“But I think we kept them to 41 inside 50’s today, so defensively stronger.

“Offensively we were able to take some chances, but we've still got some things we can improve on.

A SUNS side which has shown it’s more than capable in games over the last couple of weeks but just hasn’t been able to string it together but Dew said internally at the club, nobody had stopped believing in what was possible.

“Our belief has never wavered internally and obviously externally, absolutely we understand at different times that it's hard to keep believing when you get close but aren’t getting a win to tick it over.”

“Today is just a bit of a shot of confidence, for everyone really.”

On a great day for the football club, how great was it to see Rory Thompson back out there?

“It’s a fantastic for the club, obviously.

“My first year when Rory had a fantastic season in 2018 and then he obviously got injured just on the eve of 2019.

“It was devastating then, and it was devastating in 2020 when he wasn't out there and 2021.

“So he just reminded everyone that he's strong, he's hard to move down there and I think that complemented Sam Collins and also Charlie Ballard.

“We probably can't speak for what his journey has been like because there's a lot of hours by yourself.

“Ultimately, the credit needs to go to Rory and also our high performance staff and doctors and physios that have gotten him back to this position.

“I'm sure at different times he probably doubted whether he get here but he's here now so everything's a bonus for him.”

Amazing to see the return of Connor Budarick back to what we all know he is capable of and Sam Collins is having a stellar season?

“Budders the last couple of weeks has been a little bit rusty, he's done some uncharacteristic things, but we've given him a mulligan because he has missed the whole year of with a knee injury.

“So that's the Connor we know, it's good, we feel like he's back now.

“And Sam well, he's putting together an All Australian year isn’t he.

“As our vice-captain, that's what you're after he did a great job and obviously a lot of the influence from the ball coming down from the pressure from those forwards and the midfield as you mentioned.

Lets talk about Izak Rankine’s game?

“Izak, his work rate was outstanding today and again, it's probably one when you've got the wide view you can see the work he's doing off the ball.

“He got to the front of contests, last week, I think just at different times he was getting to the side.

“It’s a credit to him, he put the work in during the week, Refocussed and  got to the front where he's really dangerous.

“He makes really good decisions with the ball. So I’m proud of the way he played today.

Jack Lukosius got subbed out of the game, how is he?

“He’s obviously had that injury a couple of weeks ago and he tweaked that.

“I'm not a doctor, but we think this will happen from time to time he might get through a game unscathed and then there might be a couple of incidents where it really flares up and he’s unable to continue.”

“He tried to get it moving and launch off that leg at ¾ time and wasn't able,  just irritated the injury so he'll just be an assess this week.”