Following the SUNS 43-point victory over the Adelaide Crows at Metricon Stadium on Sunday afternoon, captain Touk Miller spoke with Gary Lyon and Nathan Buckley on SEN Breakfast.

Check out below what he had to say about the performance in Round 14, Jarrod Witts the red wine, Wil Powell’s injury and when Touk Miller talks about work rate we should all listen, he identifies one of his teammates that he holds in the highest regard.

Continued development of the SUNS and the Round 14 win over the Crows.

“Adelaide play a really strong brand of football, we know they’re a hard club and we knew they were going to throw everything at us.”

“I think for us what we’re starting to see this year is just the maturity in some of our wins, I feel like last night they gave us everything.

“It was about 13 points with five minutes left on the clock and then we still had the ability to put the foot on the throat and win the game by a good margin so I think for us it’s just the maturity in our wins and we’re still not content with what we’re doing, we still want more.”

Izak Rankine

“Rankine has probably been in the gun for while in terms of expectation, but I think for him it’s actually about being consistent.”

“Everyone would see the flair that he does have and he does play footy to entertain and he’s really good at that, but what he has been able to do is play more consistent football and off the back of that we’re starting to see what he is capable of.”

Ben Ainsworth

“Ben Ainsworth is someone who I feel has just been flying under the radar a little bit.”

“He’s had some fluctuation in his form, and he’s finally found his knack.”

“I would honestly hate to be a defender playing on him, he is one of the hardest working forwards in the game by a mile and his high-speed running to cover the ground is second to none.”

Jarrod Witts

“One his leadership has gone from strength to strength, to be where he is now and the career he has had in the past, he’s like an ageing fine wine.”

“He seems just to be getting better and better, you wouldn’t even know he’d done a knee last year, he’s come back and just found his feet so quickly.”

“I guess it just shows how pivotal it is for our team having a stable ruckman like himself being as capable as what he is at what he does.”

Wil Powell

“It obviously wasn’t what you want to see for footy in general but yeah he’s okay, we’ll find out more later today.”

“He’s in hospital, I don’t know the extent of what it all is yet but were wishing him the best of luck and being in high spirits because anyone who has an injury like that is pretty scary, but we’ll get more information and then pass that on.”