The Gold Coast SUNS are pleased to confirm the 22 members who have been selected in its 2022 AFL Member Team of the Year.

1. Daniel Kolevski

Daniel “the mouth” Kolevski has made it his mission to make the SUNS’ voice heard all over the country. As a staple in the VIC SUNS army, Kolevski is set to be a vital member of the team, who you can’t ignore – especially when he waves his 3x3m fan-made flag.

2. Ethan Prince

Despite being based in Canberra, Prince is determined to not miss a game, even if that means trekking up to the GC for a home game. He is an avid follower of the SUNS’ social media and is known for his speed and agility when liking a new post.

3. T’Jay Baillie

Dedication and drive are what makes Bailli a top pick for the 2022 SUNS Member Team. Keep an eye out for this rising star and look forward to what this new addition can bring to the team.

3. Blake Moralee

Whether it’s running out with the club in 2012 or collecting player jerseys, Moralee has shown commitment to the SUNS on and off the field. Moralee has created some epic memories in the past with the SUNS and is set to make many more as a certified pick for the Member Team.

5. Abbie Hall

Although she may feel like a solo fan in Tassie, Hall is right at home in the Member Team. Hall is along for the ride following the SUNS to victory and is passionate in the face of competition, especially if that means her Collingwood supporting son.

6. Danniele Sim

At the Sim household, the family - even their dog Vader - breathes red, gold and blue. Sim excels as a supporter of the SUNS, even donning the merch as the ultimate fashion statement during the week.

7. Jennifer Flower

When it comes to Jennifer Flower, love for the SUNS has no age limit. As a senior member, Flower brings her passion, kindness, and expertise as a fan to the team, as well as a thing or two to teach the young guns of the team.

8. Jacinta De Niese

De Niese has defected from her Carlton-loving family to earn a spot on the 2022 Member Team. Through collaborating with the SUNS for her work for Disability Sports NT, De Niese’s support for the SUNS runs deep and will be a dynamic pick for the team.

9. Brandon Gardiner

Gardiner is extremely skilled in supporting advances and in his banner-making efforts (i.e the infamous “You Touk My Breath Away” banner). Gardiner has proved to be a loyal supporter, who can bring his creative and innovative abilities to the Member Team.

10. Max Kidney

As one of the juniors of the squad, Kidney’s enthusiasm is unmatched, to the point where he even went viral for his reaction to Noah Anderson kicking the goal after the siren. Kidney is definitely the one to watch in the crowd, as his flag-waving and cheering talents lead the way.

11. Joel Dickeson

Hailing from Victoria, Dickeson is defiant in the face of the opposition and confident in his love for the SUNS. Dickeson’s energetic prowess and loud cheers show he’s got a bright year in front of him in the 2022 Member Team of the Year.

12. Jye Harper

Harper is drafted into the 2022 Member Team of the Year based on his expert knowledge of the SUNS and being a powerful part of the cheer squad. Despite being a junior, Harper has what it takes to excel in the team and is a powerful presence in the stands.

13. Jeremy Merten

As an honorary Day 1 supporter, Merten has deservedly earnt a spot on the Member Team of the Year. This foundation member stuck by the team through thick and thin, solidifying himself as an outstanding fan and valuable addition to the team.

14. Shannon Jackson

Travelling from the Northern Territory to the GC, this member’s love for the SUNS travels far and wide. Jackson is determined to not let a thing like distance come between him and watching the SUNS kick the winning goal.

15. Julie Parkinson

Her ability to display respect, support and appreciation for the team has made Parkinson a top pick for the Member Team of the Year. An outstanding SUNS supporter, who loves getting involved in every way she can.

16. Tamarind Anderson

Rain, hail or shine, Anderson is determined to show up and give it her all. She has found her place on the Member Team of the Year, even though she lost her voice from all the cheering.

17. Dylan Thompson

Thompson is a natural leader of the cheer on game day and is willing to sacrifice what it takes – his voice – if that means his support is felt by the players. The loud and proud mentality drives Thompson to be a fantastic presence in the Member Team of the Year.

18. Jackson Palmer

The SUNS are mighty and so is Palmer, who strives to support the team in every way he can. His unfiltered and energetic attitude is just what the Member Team of the Year needs.

19. Amber Henderson

Making her debut as a SUNS member at the age of 1, Henderson has shown promising talents to become the ultimate supporter. Henderson is a vital member of the crowd at every home game.

20. Jasmin Robertson

At every game she attends, Robertson comes out and shines like the true SUNS supporter that she is. Robertson’s love for the SUNS has never swayed, proving her strength as an ideal member of the team.

21. Richard Nguyen

Hailing from Western Australia, Nguyen’s support for the SUNS rises in the East and sets in the West. His valuable knowledge of SUNS’ history and players makes Nguyen best suited for the Member Team of the Year.

22. Ross Carter

Carter has excelled in spreading his love for the SUNS to his family and beyond. His longstanding dedication has not gone unnoticed, as it has earnt him a place in the Member Team of the Year.