After being chosen to be in the Member Team of Year, Jennifer Flower has become the envy of her AFL-loving family.

If you need any evidence as to why Flower belongs in the Member Team of Year, rescheduling her holiday plans just so she could be at Metricon Stadium this weekend should be at the top of the list.

“We are away at the moment, but when we got the message, we made sure to be back in time for Saturday,” she said.

“We are very enthusiastic and passionate about being involved in something special.

“Though, I wonder what my husband might be thinking. He might be a bit jealous.”

For inaugural SUNS member like Flower, there is nothing like watching her team play at Metricon Stadium on a weekend.

During game day, donning the correct attire - SUNS hat, scarf and a flag in hand - is standard procedure for this longstanding member.

“We are always keen to see them win,” Flower told SUNS media.

“I’m always excited to see the young boys in the SUNS who play for us and how committed and dedicated they are.

“They work their butts off to keep on going, going and going.

“I think boys are being excellent and it makes my day to go to the football.”

On game day, the 72-year-old makes sure she doesn’t miss any of the action and is determined to give it her all in the crowd.

“Where we sit is just behind the goals, so we can see what’s going on, and if I can’t I put my glasses on,” Flower said.

“It's really great to be there with the rest of the crowd and have that support from all the people around you.

“It’s the highlight of our fortnight.”

In true fan fashion, the list went on and on as Flower struggled to pick just one player as her favourite.

Matt Rowell has done so well throughout the year,” she said.

“Along with Noah Anderson, who has really gotten into it and kicking really great goals.

“The other player that I really value is David Swallow, who has been playing all the time and keeps on going. He’s always there and supportive.

Touk (Miller) is great too as well. I mean they’re all good.”

After moving to the Gold Coast from South Australia, Flower expressed how special it is to have a local team to support and to feel a part of the city she now calls home.

“It means that we've gotten an opportunity on the Gold Coast, because when we first came up here, they weren't playing,” Flower said.

“So, it was really exciting when they started up because we were just so excited to go to an AFL game that was local.”

Flower’s enthusiasm never wanes, as she is excited about the team’s future in the competition and can’t wait to get back in the crowd to cheer on the SUNS next year.

“We’ve done well this year,” Flower said.

“Next year is another year and we’ll go for it again – never giving up.

“We are going to have to start the countdown to the next season.”