The women’s QClash bragging rights belong to the Brisbane Lions, who held off the SUNS in a 14-point victory.

In a defence-dominated match, moments of brilliance from SUNS Jade Ransfield and Nat Thomas kept the scoreboard close in the opening half, but the Brisbane defence proved too strong with the away side only registering one major in the second half.

Yeronga teammates Jodan Zanchetta and Emily Bates were prolific possession winners for the SUNS at 25 and 24 disposals apiece. The duo worked persistently, but were denied scoring opportunity by Brisbane’s Tayla Harris, Danielle Wall and Rachael Crack.

Townsville’s Delma Gisu’s relentless pressure in defense earned her best-afield honours for the SUNS.

Cross-code athlete Jenna McCormick’s hattrick was the shinning light for Brisbane, who fought hard after being five points down at the main break.

The best 22 from Queensland will now be selected to play in the open women’s state side to take on the Melbourne Demons at the MCG on Sunday May 22.

Metricon Stadium will also host a curtain raiser match for the youth girls state representatives on Saturday June 4.

BRISBANE LIONS  0.3 1.3 3.6 5.8 (38)
GOLD COAST          1.0 2.2 2.4 3.6 (24)

Brisbane Lions:
McCormick 3, McCarthy, Randall
Gold Coast: Thomas 2, Ransfield

Brisbane Lions:
Lutkins, Wall, McCormick, Zielke, Randall
Gold Coast: Gisu, Zanchetta, Bates, Hunt, Goodman