As an 8 year-old, Max Kidney has been a SUNS member for almost half his life and he proves that you can never be too young to enjoy AFL.

Kidney first captured the attention of fellow SUNS supporters, when his parents posted his ecstatic reaction to Noah Anderson kicking a goal after the siren in the match against Richmond at Metricon Stadium.

“I can't really remember what was going through my head,” Kidney told SUNS Media.

“I thought that we will get crushed because at halftime they were down 30 points. I was excited when we won.”

Growing up on the Gold Coast, Kidney loves the opportunity to go watch the SUNS play at Metricon Stadium with his family.

“My favourite thing is watching them play and watching them kick a goal,” Kidney said.

“You love coming home after the game and rewatching the game with dad,” Max’s mother chimed in.

“Picking the game apart is one of your favourite things to do. They follow all the trends and wake up after the weekend to check where the teams are on the ladder.”

Although he says most of his friends support other teams in the league, Kidney still strives to stand up for his favourite team.

"The thing is, my friends go for Geelong and every time the SUNS play Geelong, Geelong wins. But I tell them that the SUNS are still a young team."

Kidney has no troubles picking his favourite player, since the talent of the SUNS captain has caught his eye.

“My favourite player is Touk Miller because he's just a very good player and a great leader to the SUNS,” he said.

Whether it’s waving his SUNS flag after a goal or chatting to his friends about how the different teams are going, Max Kidney is red, gold and blue through and through.

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