The Doc is regarded as an International “expert” on the effects of negative stress and helpful ways to overcome these symptoms and effects. 

“I’ve been under a lot of stress lately” was a common statement in times gone by - now, as the Covid pandemic has thrown our lives into disarray, it’s all about 30% of us, or 50%, or 63% of us having a “Mental Health issue”  (depending on which article you read from which researcher).

During the last 3 years, 100% of us have been anxious and possibly sometimes “depressed” about a change of circumstances. The difference is, how we, as individuals and groups handle it - how do you, how do we, respond?  What does that mean?

The weather forecast for the next two days in Melbourne, has a picture with a few clouds and a yellow sun. The forecast is “Partly Cloudy”! Why not “Partly Sunny” ?

Deliberately negative. 

Now, let’s work on Dr John’s The  A  C  E  skills of life.
Activity - regular and often,
Coping - better 
Eating - more natural foods, and way less junk 

The great majority of Australians consume way less than the required amount of vegetables and natural foods which are required for optimal Health and Wellness and an effective Immune System - especially during Pandemic times when the “easy” Fast Food Society foods took a leap. “Easy” is often and usually not healthy! 

INSURANCE is available, Insurance, for your Home, Insurance, for your Car, Insurance, for your Body and Mind. An evidence based multi-vitamin is excellent Insurance, to fill in the Gaps. Especially a product which includes a measure of Iron, for blood cells, for oxygen distribution, for strength, for endurance.

Here’s a perfect tonic for stress and a relaxed holiday season; all provided by Hivita Wellness – your chance to a weekend away at the luxury Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat in the beautiful setting of Tallebudgera Valley in Queensland.

Its free to enter and it will be a wonderful experience to you and that special person in your life!