A Monday morning match simulation at Austworld Centre Oval has gleaned some insight into who is firming for selection in Stuart Dew’s Round 1 team.

It was a probables v possibles match-up, with the red and blue sides slogging away for two hours in a balmy 30-degree heat.

The starting midfield for the probables in red consisted of Jarrod Witts in the ruck alongside centre-square midfielders Touk Miller, Matt Rowell and Noah Anderson.

Lining up on the wings were David Swallow and Elijah Hollands.

For the blues, it was Ned Moyle in the ruck with Connor Blakely, Brayden Fiorini and Alex Davies on the ball.

Pre-season standout Sam Flanders started at half-forward for the reds and was busy linking up with teammates around stoppages.

The remainder of the red forward line consisted of key forward pair Mabior Chol and Levi Casboult alongside Nick Holman, Malcolm Rosas Jnr and Ben Ainsworth.

In defence, it was Charlie Constable who was the new face in red alongside defensive regulars Sean Lemmens, Sam Collins and Charlie Ballard.

Ben King, Lachie Weller, Connor Budarick and Wil Powell were among a handful not to take part in the match simulation on a managed workload.

The SUNS will prepare to take on Essendon in match simulation next Thursday February 23, with the match at Austworld Centre Oval open to the public and getting underway at 4pm.