“You could still feel the tension in the air.”

These are the first observations of indigenous GC SUNS defender Jy Farrar as he embarked on an inspirational visit to Wadeye, a remote community 400km south-west of Darwin.

Wadeye has made headlines in the last 12 months as a region gripped by violence.

In a community of approximately 2000 people, more than 500 people have been displaced from their homes due to unrest in the area and nearly 100 homes have been destroyed.

5% of the population are in jail, with arrests occurring on a daily basis.

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When Farrar and cousin Shane McAdam of the Adelaide Crows heard of the dire situation in Wadeye, they put a plan in action.

A three-day trip would involve a local football match to bring the community together, and would be capped off by an unforgettable performance by Indigenous NT hip hop artist J-Milla.

No arrests were recorded on the days Farrar and his travelling party were in Wadeye.

“I think it shows there’s more to life than just violence,” Farrar says in the documentary.

“To have kids sit around and watch the whole community come together not for a fight or war is probably the best things the kids can experience.

“It just goes to show how much of an impact footy has on all of these remote Indigenous communities around Australia.”

A SUNS Media production directed by James Southam, Wadeye: More than a game is now available exclusively on goldcoastfc.com.au.