'Enough is enough’ is the message from SUNS Senior Coach Stuart Dew following recent incidents of players being racially vilified on social media.

The SUNS stood united alongside numerous AFL clubs this week in calling out the incidents on social media as part of continued efforts to stamp out racism.

Dew says we must keep calling out these ‘disgraceful’ incidents.

“It’s upsetting, it’s disgraceful,” Dew said.

“We’ve spoken to our lads who have copped racial abuse and we just have to keep calling it out. Not only online, but in your lives. You just can’t accept it.

“I talk to (GC SUNS Indigenous Programs Lead) Jarrod Harbow a lot and ask what else can we do? It’s educating your kids and make sure if you hear something that you call it out.

“It’s taken too long. We feel for all the indigenous players who have been abused and we stand with them, but we’ve all had a gutful.

“What are people doing? It’s disgraceful human behaviour, I don’t know how else to say it.

“It’s really sad and we just want it to stop, for them.”

The SUNS travel to Adelaide on Wednesday ahead of Friday evening’s clash with Fremantle at Norwood Oval, hinting at potential team changes whilst also confirming Round 4 debutant Bailey Humphrey would earn more time in the engine room against the Dockers.

“We have a number of options (when it comes to selection). Good conversations are being had and it’s creating headaches, which is good,” Dew continued.

“There are players in form who we would like to reward.

“Bailey is a very strong, centre-bounce type player. He’ll continue to be exposed in that area, as will other guys as well.”

Originally hailing from South Australia, Dew says he’s looking forward to being part of the inaugural Gather Round in Adelaide.

“I think the concept is fantastic. Hopefully the grounds and packed and the State get behind it,” Dew added.

“We’re there to do a job and we’ve got a bit of community engagement which we’ll be sure to bring our energy too as well.