SUNS midfielder Anthony Miles says the playing group is hurting after the loss to Richmond and are taking ownership of the discouraging result. 

Speaking to SUNS Media on Monday, Miles said the club set higher standards than what was delivered at Metricon Stadium on Saturday and would be striving for an improved result this weekend.

“We just spoke about as a whole club, not just the 22 who played but the whole club taking ownership for the way we played,” Miles said.

“It’s certainly not our expectation and what we expect of each other.

“It’s really disappointing and we basically now can’t wait for next week.” 

The SUNS were beaten across the ground but a particular area of concern was the contested football which Gold Coast prides itself on.

“We let ourselves down in the contest and then they were able to get away from us a little bit from the contest afterwards in their spread,” Miles said.

“We take nothing away from Richmond, they’re a pretty handy outfit but we’ve still got a lot of areas we can address and hopefully we’ll do that later in the week.”

It was a different experience for Miles on the weekend, coming up against his former club for the first time since joining the SUNS, but the 27-year-old said it made no difference out on the field. 

“Once you get out there I suppose they hit as hard as anyone else,” Miles said.

“It becomes a reality that it’s just another game of footy. 

“I’m a SUNS man now and I’ve loved my time up here and loved it this year so it was just another game in the end.” 

Redemption is on the agenda this week, as the club prepares to host Adelaide at Metricon Stadium again this weekend. 

“It’s getting back to letting our actions speak louder than words,” he said.

“The boys are chomping at the bit to have a good week on the track and then play Adelaide on the weekend.

“It’s great to have another home game and yeah hopefully the supporters will come out as well.”