How does Ben King get out of his form slump? Should Gold Coast move him up the ground? Or maybe even drop him?

They're all questions pundits and fans alike have asked this week following a fourth straight game from King without kicking a goal.

Jack Lukosius, who lives with King and plays in the SUNS' forward line alongside him, says it's easy to forget how good the full-forward's season has been and is convinced he'll bounce back.

Coming off a knee reconstruction that wiped out his 2022, King kicked 32 goals in his first 14 matches and looked every bit as good as he did before rupturing his ACL.

"He has had a quiet month and he knows that," Lukosius told

"He's had a great first 14 weeks - I don't think many players have had seasons like that off an ACL.

"This was probably coming at some point. He'll bounce back.

"If he takes a couple of early chances, he can break a game open this weekend. He's working through it, he'll be right."

King's woes began against Collingwood in round 16, continued a week later against Port Adelaide where he was subbed out during the third quarter, and were rounded out against St Kilda and Greater Western Sydney in the past fortnight.

Speaking on Wednesday afternoon ahead of facing Brisbane at the weekend, interim coach Steven King said he'd be leaving the former No.6 draft pick in the forward line.

"He's down a little bit on confidence," he said.

"You're not going to just keep projecting forward all the time, you're going to come up against some really good players. That's part of Benny's growth.

"He's had some challenges already and faced some adversity which he's overcome, and this is just another little bump in the road which is going to make him stronger and more resilient.

"He'll get his way through this and come out the other side."

King said the SUNS had not helped their primary target with some sloppy ball movement in recent weeks.

"We'll back him in. We'll give him some freedom to get up the ground and move up the ground and use his athleticism," he said.

"I think that's something he's got an advantage over most other people of his height and size."