Gold Coast SUNS utility Jamie Stanton will become the first SUNS player to reach 50 games this weekend as the side will host the West Coast Eagles at Heritage Bank Stadium on Saturday morning.

The journey to 50 games has not been easy for Stanton who has had to face multiple injury setbacks and spent a significant amount of time on the sidelines however remains thrilled for the opportunity.

“It is super exciting… over the past couple of years I have had some pretty serious injuries that could have put this in some serious jeopardy,” Stanton said.

“The injuries definitely make you appreciate the small wins and allow you to smell the roses along the way.

“Super honoured to be playing for Gold Coast,” she added.

Stanton emphasises the support she has received from the SUNS and her family whilst acknowledging how much of an impact the club has had on her at a personal and professional level.

“I have had so much support from the club ever since I walked through the door and I can’t wait to do it with them behind me and with my families support as well,” Stanton said.

“I am definitely a better person, and the club has helped me do that.

“The club has put a lot of support around me to help improving my leadership style, my communication.”

The experienced Stanton is relishing a change of position playing more prominently as a forward and hopes to transition her leadership to the attacking end of the ground.

“New position this year playing as a forward so hopefully I can bring my experience down to that line (forward-line) and use my smarts around the contest there and ideally kick a few goals,” she stated.

Stanton is confident in Head Coach Cameron Joyce’s game plan who is lining up for his third consecutive year at the helm.

“It is exciting, Under Joycey, (Cameron Joyce) this is our third season, so we are actually starting to gel as a group and get some of those foundational connections together,” Stanton said.

“We are starting to understand his game plan and be able to produce that as well which is fantastic,” she added.

The message for fans is simple and sweet from the milestone woman.

“Come on down, we play a really good and exiting brand of footy, we are looking to score, and we want make the most of every chance we possibly can and I think the one thing you will get from us all the time is a competition and contest,” Stanton emphasised.

Gates open Heritage Bank Stadium at 10:15am ahead of the first bounce at 11:05am.