SUNS vice-captain Touk Miller has warned the club can’t let the poor performance against Richmond sour preparations for the next game. 

Miller said the team came together after the uncharacteristic performance against the Tigers to talk through what went wrong, but more so how to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

“Probably the bottom line is we didn’t compete hard enough,” Miller told SUNS Media.

“We’ve got to let it burn - if we don’t let it burn we probably don’t care enough.

“But then going into this week we have to make sure that we don’t take that all the way through the week and let it affect the mood and let it affect how you’re going to train. 

“Yeah carrying the burn is a good thing but we have to turn up this week and put a really good week in on the track so we can perform next week.” 

The club isn’t shying away from the hefty defeat, but Miller said the focus had to shift to this week and how to be better under pressure.

“We’ll strip it down to basics,” Miller said.

“We have to compete, obviously we didn’t do that, especially in those first two quarters it was really poor.

“I think it’s more about giving ourselves a chance in the game to actually play out the four quarters and have a crack so that’s what we’ll be looking for.

The SUNS will take on Adelaide this Saturday at Metricon Stadium, with the players set to wear the Indigenous guernsey after celebrating NAIDOC week.

“It’s obviously a really important guernsey,” Miller said. 

“We have a lot of indigenous boys in our club and it’s super important to them and it’s obviously a great week and I’m glad we’re supporting that with wearing this guernsey on the weekend.” 

The Crows also suffered a heavy defeat in Round 16 at the hands of Port Adelaide in the Showdown.

“They’ll be pretty down from the week that they had and we’re likewise,” Miller said. 

“It’s going to be a really good game, a really hard-fought one.

“Obviously Saturday night here is going to be fantastic for us being a home game under the lights.

“Hopefully we can really turn it on for our fans and our club, we’ve got a lot to make up for.”