In the same week West Coast has left first-year sensation Harley Reid in Perth rather than make the trip to the Gold Coast, the home team has "managed" one of its own young stars in ruckman Ethan Read.

Speaking on Friday before Sunday's game against the Eagles, Hardwick said the Suns were closely monitoring the health of draftees Read, Jed Walter, Will Graham and Jake Rogers.

"The AFL is incredibly dynamic and hard for an 18-year-old boy coming in," Hardwick said.

"We've got to do the best thing by those players to get them through the season, but also their long-term career.

"It's pre-planned in the fact they'll have a spell, we'll just work our way through when that is and what their body is telling us.

"Ethan had a couple of signs there's some things getting high from a wellness point of view.

"Ideally, we don't want them playing all the games, we've got some great depth in our squad.

"When the time comes, they'll all get a rest."

Hardwick said broadly he'd love to see West Coast's wonderkid Reid play, but understood the challenges dealing with first-year players.

"He's an incredible asset for that football club and also the AFL in general.

"It's one less headache we have, but what we know is the Coast are doing a great job winning the midfield ball.

"Elliot Yeo is such an important player to them and Tim Kelly has played some good footy for a long period of time.

"The game's going to be won and lost there. Having one less player to worry about is good, but they have some very capable replacements."

Aside from resting Read, Gold Coast has dropped back pocket Bodhi Uwland, with Sam Day and Rory Atkins taking their places in Friday's main session.

"What we lose in youthful exuberance, we probably gain in experience," Hardwick said.

"We're quite happy to rest those guys at various stages and give those other guys an opportunity, they're good AFL players that deserve their chance as well."