Enough is enough, and in Round 8 every club will come together arm in arm for a moment pre-match to pay tribute to the women whose lives have been tragically cut short due to violence.

The Gold Cost SUNS have been a long-term supporter of Official Charity Partner RizeUp Australia, who continue to inspire Australians with their commitment to stamping out domestic and family violence.

In recognition of the partnership with RizeUp and the responsibility the club bears in making a stand against domestic and family violence, the SUNS will wear the official blue RizeUp socks in this weekend’s QClash.

The socks were last worn in Round 5 when the SUNS hosted its annual Round to RizeUp and raised $14,560.75 for RizeUp. It costs $6,500 for RizeUp to furnish a home for a family fleeing domestic and family violence.

“The AFL do a great job on shining a light on community issues with domestic violence against women,” GC SUNS Senior Coach Damien Hardwick told media today.

“It’s an incredibly important issue at the moment so I commend the AFL and the clubs for playing their role.

“It’s important the government start to do their part and directing resources where they need to be.

“As a parent to young daughters and (us) having partners, it’s not safe.

“The government need to be doing more, but also our judicial system needs to be doing more as well. They’ve got to get tougher on crime.

“At the moment we’re nowhere where we need to be and we need to get stronger as a community.

“Us, as torch-bearers for the AFL, need to lead the charge, but more importantly need to put the pressure on people that need to make decisions.

“I commend the AFL and clubs for making their stand and we’ll play our part, time for the government and judicial system to do theirs.

“Let’s get to work.”

Click here for more information on how you can make a meaningful donation to RizeUp.