SUNS co-captain Jarrod Witts says the club’s performances on the field in the last two weeks have been an unrecognisable brand of football. 

Compounding losses to both Richmond and Adelaide at Metricon Stadium have the SUNS reeling and looking to get back to what worked in the opening half of the season. 

“We’ve gone away from what we were doing the first 14 weeks,” Witts said post-match

“I think if you came to our games in the first 14 weeks you knew what you were going to get and unfortunately the last two weeks haven’t been that. 

“It’s really disappointing for us and I’m sure it’s really disappointing for our fans and those watching us.

“We need to get back to what we’ve been doing the first 14 weeks because the last two weeks are not acceptable.”

Witts said the players were hurting after another loss but backed the processes the team has been putting in place during the week to help steer the ship in the right direction. 

“We’re really flat, the mood up there is not great and rightly so,” Witts said.

“To everyone who’s been supporting us just understand that everything we’re doing Monday to Friday is stacking up.

“We’re working really hard and we believe in the processes that we’re carrying out and we’re going to keep showing up for that process in a bid for it to turn for us on gameday. 

“We’ve got a lot of belief in our group, we’ve just gone away from it in the last couple of weeks.”

The SUNS take on 17th-placed Carlton next weekend at Marvel Stadium.