SUNS vice-captain Pearce Hanley was at a loss for words in the immediate aftermath of the Round 8 defeat to the Melbourne Demons.

The SUNS looked likely to seal the victory late in the final quarter through a Nick Holman goal, but Melbourne’s dominance in the final minute saw them score twice to snatch a win from the home team.

The heartbreaking one-point loss in the final second was crushing for both the players and fans alike. 

“That one hurts a lot,” Hanley told SUNS Media post-match. 

“I thought our contest and effort was excellent all day and we obviously didn’t close out the game very well.

“We made a few mistakes, but we’ll review that and work on it and get better.” 

Hanley said he couldn’t fault the team’s intent and effort on the day, it was just a lack of polish where it counted which swung the game.

“We can do it,” Hanley said. 

“We showed it last week.

“It’s just a mindset for us, just making sure we do it all the time.

“I think we brought that for four quarters and the boys played really well, it just wasn’t enough.” 

It was too raw and too early for Hanley to look ahead to next weekend, he was still coming to grips with what had happened in those frantic final seconds. 

“The joys of football you get to back up next week,” he said.

“To be honest, I’m not sure (what we can take into next week). 

“This one’s still hurting a lot so we’ll review it during the week and we’ll get back on the horse like we always do and carry on.”