Day one of Gold Coast’s inaugural AFLW pre-season begins on Monday night, with the club’s 30 players and five coaches set to take the field together in the historic moment for the SUNS.

For veteran Sam Virgo, it will mark the beginning of her fourth year in the AFLW system – and one she’s excited has finally come to fruition. 

“We’ve had a fair run-up since we signed our first players in February so it’s great to finally get to the start line and be able to take off and get stuck into it,” Virgo said.

“There’s a real buzz around the group and everyone just wants to get started. 

“We’ve got some season-four veterans and we’ve got some players coming up to their first AFLW experience so there’s a real mixture of dynamics but overall it’s just excitement.” 

While she’s no stranger to an AFLW pre-season, it will be Virgo’s first experience juggling the demands of being both a footballer and a new mum.

The 32-year-old said she would embrace the commute to the Gold Coast after settling off the field with her family in Brisbane.

“It’s going to be challenging,” Virgo said.

“I felt like the previous pre-seasons were challenging without that commitment in our lives but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“It’s just another thing to plan for, I’ve just got to be organised. 

“It’s going to be difficult, but challenge accepted – bring it on.” 

With pre-season beginning with a skills session on Monday night, Virgo said it was the first opportunity the playing group would have to implement the plans they’d put in place. 

“We’ll get started on where we need to get to,” she said.

“We’ll be in our new uniforms and that’s pretty exciting.

“It starts to get a little bit more serious but we get an opportunity to execute all the things we’ve been talking about which is a great opportunity.”