Nickname: Chook

Any pre-game superstitions: Red Gatorade and a couple of Allen’s Snakes

Greatest individual effort you have seen on the footy field: Callum Ah Chee’s chase down of Buddy Franklin in 2018.  

A player from another team you would love to play with: Harry Petty (Melbourne) – we’re good mates

Best rule in footy: 50m penalty – got my first goal
And the worst:  Push in the back – the culprit far too man times   

How many games do you watch each weekend: 1 or 2

Favourite TV football show: Bounce – I like the Golden Fist segment

Favourite commentator: Dennis Cometti – elite AFL Live 2004 quotes

Favourite meal the night before a game: Pasta and ciabatta garlic bread

Teammate most likely to succeed after football: Corey Ellis – bit of a nerd

Favourite Netflix series: Brroklyn Nine-Nine

Do you play Fortnite: Yes – too much

Favourite comedian: Jerry Seinfeld

Favourite animal: House cat – nice to pat

Favourite possession: My indoor pot plant

Best gift you have received: Google Home

What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery: Persian rug

Favourite holiday destination: Port Elliot

The most famous person you have met: Lachie Weller

Dream job if you weren’t a footballer: A DJ

Dream place to live: Morocco

The funniest/weidest thing that has happened to you: Lachie Weller saying hi to me one day

What scares you the most: When Lachie Weller says hi to me

What is the one talent you wish you had: Play the piano