Senior Coach Stuart Dew has challenged his side to be more damaging when the game is being played on their terms after failing to capitalise on opportunities in the loss to GWS on Saturday.

The SUNS were right in the game at quarter time, but Dew lamented a lack of intensity in the second half which allowed the Giants to let loose on the scoreboard.

“I thought we let ourselves down on the effort compared to where we’ve been,” Dew said post-match. 

“Certainly that first half we were really pleased with the effort.

“I thought we hurried them up, we limited their uncontested marks, forced them to play on a bit and just didn’t make them pay.

“In the third quarter I think we missed three easy ones which could have been a different story.

“But in the end it was just the amount of heat that the opposition were able to put on us, we couldn’t get it back off them. 

“We weren’t able to arrest that momentum.”

Dew said the Giants were easily the best side Gold Coast has come up against this year. 

He wants to see his players learn from the result and use it as motivation this weekend to hopefully get another win at Metricon Stadium. 

“We lost Jack (Bowes) early and then a couple of others were hindered so I think their run and class got us in the end in comparison.

“Our boys couldn’t go with them but there’s lots to learn.

"We've been able to keep the spirit of the group growing because of competitiveness in games, but there comes a tipping point where we need to get a win to get real reward for effort.

“At some point we want to get some reward but you’ve got to show up to get that.

“We’re looking forward to next week already.” 

The SUNS host North Melbourne at home this Saturday at 4:35pm.