In a bizarre twist of events last Saturday morning, Gold Coast SUNS development coach, Matthew Lappin, was required to pull the boots on and represent the reserves.

The former St Kilda and Carlton star is the assistant coach in the NEAFL, and when one of the top-up players wasn't aware he was supposed to be playing for the SUNS, Lappin came to the rescue.

In a pair of attention-screaming fluoro boots that are more usually set aside for players in their prime, Lappin didn't look out of place early in the piece.

He got involved in an early goal to demonstrate his nous around goal. And every time he came off for a spell, he was heard calling for his latest GPS numbers.

At 39, the former livewire forward, who has wound back the clock at local club Labrador this season, was as interested in his ability to cover the ground than in how many times he could touch the footy.

Lappin finished his maiden appearance in red and yellow on the pine, nursing a handful of leg injuries that could suggest he might not pull on the jumper again this week. Although in a NEAFL season that's had it all, none would be surprised to see him working front and centre inside 50 this weekend.